Supported by the  Heritage Lottery Fund Bolton Smart Enterprise has delivered a number of high quality Heritage focused projects.

Bolton Smart Heritage Projects

Reflecting Lives

This Heritage Project focused on Egyptology and Bolton’s significant collection of  Egyptian artefacts including a mummy currently being prepared for a brand new Egyptology Gallery in Bolton Museum. The publicity surrounding the possible installation of the simulated tomb of Thutmose III inspired young people’s interest in Egyptology and what it means to Bolton. Our History Group peer mentors decided to apply to the Heritage Lottery so they could conduct further research into why Bolton has such a huge collection.

Young people were fascinated by the story of the local Boltonians, Annie Barlow, and   researched her connection to Egypt and what impact she has had on the Egyptology collection housed in Bolton Museum.  Young people also conducted researched of artefacts and the unwrapped mummy thought to be a son of Rameses II.  Young people  explored the concept that the Egyptians buried various artefacts to be used in the afterlife such as furniture, food, clothing, jewellery and other everyday items along with the body of the deceased. Participants were supported by Bolton Museum in their research into the history of Egyptian artefacts and used their findings to reflect upon what objects/artefacts they can create that would represent their own lives today and that could depict their own identities with the Intention to create an exhibition of work that is inspired by the ancient crafts of the ancient Egyptians.  Young people were really  inspired by the history around the involvement of Local Bolton resident Annie Barlow (1863-1941) and how she has influenced and contributed towards the development of the Museum’s collection. Initially donating so many items to Bolton the council built The Chadwick Museum, which used to be situated in Queens Park. Young people created artefact pieces such as jewellery, ceramics, paintings, drawings, and sculptures.

This project  enriched Bolton young people with a deeper understanding about Egyptian daily life and the afterlife artefacts and possessions they left behind and young people explored what most influences them from the collection and created inspiring, stimulating work that compliments the Egyptian artefacts.  Young people explored  the concept of what they might leave behind themselves regarding their possessions, artefacts and objects that represent their life and how these will tell a story about them to future generations.  Young people learnt  research methods supported by library induction training delivered by Bolton Libraries and learnt a wide range of creative skills and had the opportunity to become mentors and support other young people in researching and exploring heritage. Young people  participated in a number of Volunteer training workshops throughout the project. The project research findings were presented in a project booklet and  shared with other youth groups in Bolton, Bolton Libraries and Museum,  and the Barlow Institute. All the work produced during the project was displayed at a showcase celebration event.


Young People  created a statement about themselves in Hieroglyphs and produced art works inspired by Egyptian architecture, sculptures and tomb artefacts and embellishments.


Above: Drawing of Thutmoses III mummy and one of our visits to Annie Barlow institute. Below: Some of the Contemporary Shabti’s  produced by all members of the heritage project.

Here are some of the artefacts we viewed in the Museum Store

Heritage Lottery Project   –   Image Me Image You 

Please look at our website https://imagemeimageyou.org

Bolton Smart Enterprise worked with and supported young people to develop an online archive resource of local disabled people and famous disabled people both historical and contemporary that have U.K. heritage, and who have significantly achieved in their chosen disciplines throughout their lives and who have overcome the barriers that their disability presented in partnership with Bolton Museum, Libraries and Art Gallery. The project gave the opportunity for Bolton young people to be involved with an extensive research project that celebrates both historical and contemporary disabled people who have significantly achieved throughout their lives. The website features the main points in the characters history including some portrait art work created by young people during the project.  Please visit the website to explore the range of interesting characters we discovered. www.imagemeimageyou.org. 

Charles Dickens by Aaron Kearsley  Sir Winston Churchill - By Aaron Kearsley Russell Brand by Aaron Kearsley  John Lennon by Aaron Kearsley

Charles Dickens              Sir Winston Churchill     Russell Brand              John Lennon

By Aaron Kearsley           By Aaron Kearsley        By Aaron Kearsley       By Aaron Kearsley

Maggie Aderin-Pocock - 2 - by Aaron Kearsley      Stephen Fry - graphite drawing by Joseph Burke  John Lennon by Julianne Woodfin  Shabani Kilasi - Pencil self portrait

Maggie Aderin-Pocock     Stephen Fry            John Lennon             Shabani Kilasi Self Portrait

by Aaron Kearsley           by Joseph Burke      By Julianne Woodfin


Heritage Project  – Times Past

The Times Past Young Roots Watercolour painted by a young person Heritage project consisted of researching Bolton’s rich architectural past. Young people involved researched twelve significant buildings and developed a range of art works to document and celebrate their research findings that included drawings, tracings, digital photographs, collages, and textiles which featured buildings such as The Bolton Town Hall, Hall’i’thwood, Smithills Hall, Turton Tower, Bolton One, Reebok Stadium and St Helena Mill. The group produced a historical booklet documenting the information they discovered about each of the buildings researched and the artworks produced were displayed alongside the information to create a local history archive to share with everyone across Bolton. The Booklet can be located at Bolton Library in the local studies section.

The artwork was professionally mounted and framed for the showcase exhibition event that took place at The Octagon Theatre, Bolton.  For more images please see our Flickr page accessible from the Gallery.

Painting of Bolton Market Hall Creating a textile artwork of Reebok stadium

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